the moscow-river as a mega-project

a stand a discussion on the development of the Moscow River embankments at the festival Architecture 2018.

moscow committee for architecture and urban planning

how should the territories on the banks of the Moscow River develop? How to transform this aquatic artery from a barrier into a connecting link in the structure of the city?

The banks of the Moscow River run for 196 kilometres, of which less than a third is developed. The reconstruction and equipping of the embankments within the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) is one of the largest and most significant city projects.
In order to discuss this problem, at the request of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning Citymakers presented the stand ‘The Moscow River as a Mega-project’ at the festival Architecture 2018. The curator was Moscow’s chief architect, Sergei Kuznetsov. The project comprised three elements: an attractive artistic installation-labyrinth made of large, shiny, indigo spheres; an information map describing the status of work on improving the embankments of Moscow; and the discussion ‘The Moscow River as a Mega-project’ about the projects for transforming the banks, which was moderated by Petr Kudryavtsev, a Citymakers partner.