a complex rethinking of 500 hectares in the centre of Moscow

how to activate a whole city district with the help of creative industries? How to create a concept for development that could be translated to other territories?

ArtKvartal was created on the initiative of the Union of Creative Territories, a non-profit organisation that lobbies the interests of the creative industries and promotes infrastructural change in the city. For this project, an area of more than 500 hectares on the right bank of the Yauza River was to be the site of a contemporary district with a rich cultural life, contemporary public spaces and active retail at ground-floor level. Citymakers’ task was to create the concept for developing the territory, devise the transport system and successful economic models, and locate property and land reserves for reconstruction and new construction in the area. The concept was required to create a friendly, comfortable environment and a foundation for the stable economic development of creative industries and small business. As a result, the project was so successful that it was employed for new plots belonging to the Union of Creative Territories next to the art clusters ArtPlay and Winzavod.