a pedestrian boulevard in the centre of a future city

how to make this region of New Moscow attractive to potential housing purchasers?

Marinskaya is a project for a residential complex in New Moscow, located far from noisy transport arteries and industrial zones and also from the commercial, cultural and sports infrastructure. Citymakers’ task was to create an active and attractive zone in an outlying region: to think through the content of the ground floor of the buildings and set out the public spaces and events programme. Residents of the complex will work in other places, but it was important to create conditions which would encourage them to spend weekday evenings and weekends here. It was necessary to arrange the basic leisure functions compactly in order to support a constant demand for them. The solution was the idea for a pedestrian boulevard through the region, which will become a central axis for the new residential territory. The park takes into consideration the natural features of the place, proposes active and varied entertainment for residents, and the concentration of functions allows for the formation of a clear economic model for potential operators.